With SwiftPractice, it was ‘love at first sight’!

When I was planning to start my practice, I considered that I needed to have a system of documentation that would seamlessly integrate all aspects of the practice without the usual hassles of cumbersome and space occupying paperwork. My enquiries led me to the discovery of SwiftPractice, and it was ‘love at first sight’. SwiftPractice has met my expectations and more.

It has enabled digital documentation of all aspects of my practice – client database and clinical notes, laboratory forms and reports, accounting processes, staff records, prescriptions and stock levels – the whole works. Its user-friendly interface means that new staff can quickly master its use. It has improved clinic efficiency by obviating the need for physical search and transport of patient related notes and reports from part of the clinic to another – everything is just there at the click of a button.

Through an efficient technical support system provided by SwiftPractice staff, we have over the years, been able to customise the package to suit our peculiar needs. I gladly recommend SwiftPractice to any medical practice that aspires to provide modern and efficient services to its clientele.

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