Very expansible and flexible

At last, I have found one medical software –SwiftPractice – that allows the realization of the goal of Paperless Hospital Services, ranging from Outpatient to Inpatient, including the Laboratory, Pharmacy and other diagnostic support services – the Health Information component serving as the master-orchestra of this software.

Swift Dataworks currently runs our services at Fereprod Medical Centre, Abuja. I must also say that the expansibility and flexibility of the software is perhaps the most impressive component. It is adaptive to each hospital’s need as aspects of each service can be updated to incorporate each specific need.

The Accounts component has the full complements of billing, payments, authorizations and bill compilations on daily, weekly, monthly or even annual strata.

SwiftPractice Software has helped us tremendously as we are well on our way to effecting Paperless Hospital Based Medical Services

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