Frequently Asked Questions

SwiftPractice Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need electronic medical records, or is it all just hype?

In recent years it has become clear that EMR systems will become the way of the future. Case studies have found that proper implementation of an EMR system can greatly increase the quality of patient care. The question has changed from ‘Do I need an EMR system?’, to ‘When will I adopt an EMR system?’. You cannot open a medical journal these days without seeing an article on the benefits of EMR systems. As Nigeria gets increasingly ‘cashless’, your practice will, sooner or later, have to also get ‘paperless’.

Is it really possible to practice paperlessly in Nigeria? What about the infrastructure challenges?

The short answer is YES, and the most plausible reason is, perhaps, that several of our clients are already enjoying this freedom! For instance, practices have employed inverter systems to help maintain uninterrupted power supply. Just as the Central Bank cashless policy is getting entrenched, it won’t be long till the question becomes: ‘How come we were able to operate without electronic medical practice in the first place?

How does SwiftPractice look and feel? I’ve seen some really unfriendly practice software that just overwhelm you!

One of our core goals is to make tools that are usable and friendly. It’s not the same, but it may give you a fair idea to see some swiftpractice EMR screenshots right here.

Does SwiftPractice EMR accommodate scanned photos, images, and documents?

Absolutely. SwiftPractice EMR allows your office to go entirely paperless, if you choose. However, images, labs, radiology reports and documents of all types can be stored and integrated with your patient records. You can choose between PDF and image formats (like png, jpeg, etc) for storing scanned documents. Therefore, in case you have a visiting septuagenarian neurosurgeon who is unable to use your electronic system, you may have 2 options: provide him a ‘scribe’ (e.g. a younger in-house doctor) or easily scan in his encounter notes as soon as he is done, the good-old-way!

How do you ensure privacy and security of patient medical records?

SwiftPractice software is protected by a very robust authentication system. This protects your patient data from unauthorized access. Within the system, user rights are also enforced to help constrain staff to only those areas they have been allowed the privilege.

Having said that, there is no good alternative to a properly managed and policed network system in your facility, with users constantly encouraged and mandated to make use of the system using best security practices.

Do we require an internet connection to use SwiftPractice?

Generally no. SwiftPractice is designed primarily and an intranet web application. This allows the program to run at the best possible speed and to be always available, irrespective of internet bandwidth constraints and downtimes.

However, several modules of the software will obviously not function properly without and internet access. These include facilities for online reporting issues to SwiftPractice staff, auto-emailing of reports to clients or retainer companies, and synchronizing patient appointments between your website and the local database.

I’m interested in trying EMR software in my office but am concerned that some of my staff do not know how to use computers well enough in order to be successful. Can a physician with less than perfect computer skills successfully use an EMR? And what about other staff?

Any physician or nurse can learn to successfully use EMR software provided they are willing to put in the time and interest. Obviously a person that is computer savvy prior to implementing an EMR will have a much gentler learning curve, but even persons with less than perfect computer skills can use EMR software if they have an interest and a motivation to learn the software.

In the specific case of SwiftPractice, you can take a look at the example screenshots on this site. Then you should see how our software is the most user-friendly that you can find. Unlike the majority of foreign EMR products that vendors peddle, you do not have to put up with tons of features you do not need, which will only serve to befuddle your staff. We have repeatedly promised that using SwiftPractice will be as intuitive as browsing their favorite website. Our clients agree!

What happens to my accumulated volumes of paper case notes, laboratory and imaging reports and other documents?

SwiftPractice ships with all you need for a paperless practice. And you do not have to lose any of the paper-based medical record you have accumulated to date. Pre-existing records can be scanned in, then classified and filed into the patient’s electronic records for a seamless availability.

I already have some form of electronic record system (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Access), but this doesn’t cut it for me. If I decide to implement SwiftPractice, then we’ll have to start everything afresh, right?

You do not have to start everything afresh! SwiftPractice can help you migrate your existing data into our new robust database system.

I have particular needs! Can this software be customized?

Yes, the software can be tailored to meet your individual needs. If features you are requesting are scheduled as part of maintenance release, there is no charge. Notwithstanding, we have been able to make virtually all requested modifications free-of-charge, as a bonus for our clients during this introductory period. However, most of the time, practices are very happy with our software in its “out-of-the-box” functionality.

We do not have the funds to erect a standard network with a specialised server machine, complete with employing and maintaining qualified network staff. Is it possible to use SwiftPractice (effectively)?

The requirements for using SwiftPractice are not fastidious. Although we recommend a top-notch range of hardware for the best experience, security and durability, any regular modern day PC can serve, even as the server. Our fail-proof backup regime will help keep your data safe. In addition, SwiftPractice staff can assist you in carrying out basic network and operating system maintenance tasks directly related to the use of our software.

What about using mobile devices such as iPads, Android and other tablets, and even smartphones?

Smart devices, when connected to the hospital’s LAN, are able to serve as clients for practices using SwiftPractice. This might come in very useful for activities such as ward rounds and other ambulatory activities within the facility.

How can I schedule a demonstration?

It’s easy! We’d be delighted to answer your questions and schedule a demonstration. Just fill out the small form on the top right, or click here to contact us directly, via email or by phone.

I still have questions!

No problem. Click here to ask us directly, via email or by phone