When we reach an agreement to implement SwiftPractice in your establishment, we obligate ourselves to the success of that project...completely. Essentially, our commitment is to stand with you all through the process, guaranteeing that you will realize your goals or, more likely, exceed them!. Here a some clients who have experienced impeccable SwiftPractice implementation support; hear them!

SwiftPractice … exceeded our expectations

Umar Mahmud Umar

Reemee Medicare Nigeria Limted, Bauchi

The adoption of SwiftPractice EMR has turned out to be arguably the best thing that has happened to our hospital in its 20 years of existence. The software has made life easier for all stakeholders: patients & their relatives, staff, corporate clients and even NGOs, IDAs, & statutory/regulatory bodies who occasionally request for statistical information from our clinic. 
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With SwiftPractice, it was ‘love at first sight’!

When I was planning to start my practice, I considered that I needed to have a system of documentation that would seamlessly integrate all aspects of the practice without the usual hassles of cumbersome and space occupying paperwork. My enquiries led me to the discovery of SwiftPractice, and it was ‘love at first sight’. SwiftPractice has met my expectations and more.
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Very expansible and flexible

At last, I have found one medical software –SwiftPractice – that allows the realization of the goal of Paperless Hospital Services, ranging from Outpatient to Inpatient, including the Laboratory, Pharmacy and other diagnostic support services – the Health Information component serving as the master-orchestra of this software.
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