We run paperless … impressed with support

Dr. Yashua Alkali, Medical Director

Childcare and Wellness Clinics, Wuse 2, Abuja

Two years ago we began a search for a software for Childcare and Wellness Clinics, in order to automate processes in the Clinic. We interviewed software developers and suppliers but could not find the software that suited our purpose. Then we saw the SwiftPractice Software online and invited Dr. Ifedi Okonkwo for a presentation.

Dr. Okonkwo’s expertise as a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist as well as a software developer contributed to the ease in providing practical and flexible solutions to our need. He showed good judgment and unconventional way of thinking in the most efficient way.

Under his leadership, Swift Dataworks had the responsibility of designing, developing, installing and maintaining SwiftPractice in our organization. The software system was designed to streamline and automate the various medical process of a hospital in order to increase efficiency – Medical Health Record, Laboratory Information Management, Imaging reports and viewing, computerised physician order entry, In-patient records, billing, appointment scheduling, Multi-specialty templates,  Drug Inventory etc.

SwiftPractice was not only fully integrated in all aspects of running all aspects of a hospital, but was flexible enough to suit our own needs. The implementation and training provided to each department was excellent. We have been running paperless on the software now for over a year, and continue to be impressed with the support that SwiftPractice staff provides to us.

Furthermore, as we expanded, Swift Dataworks designed and hosted our website and integrated it with our software, which is an amazing state-of-the-art business strategy. I can confidently tell you that Dr. Okonkwo has evolved to being a stakeholder in this organization, and will highly recommend that you consider this company for providing software solutions.

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